Feast: 1889 Pizza Napoletana Brings Authentic Neapolitan Pies to Kansas City

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Kelli Kolich is set to open 1889 Pizza Napoletana next month with her husband, Jason, near the Westwood and Rosedale neighborhoods of Kansas City, Kansas. Both fell in love with Italian culture and, most importantly, pizza while studying abroad in college. They received varying levels of training from famed San Francisco pizza chef and World Pizza Championship-winner Tony Gemignani. Focused on authentic, Neapolitan-style pizza, 1889 Pizza is using old-world techniques and an oven straight from Naples, Italy, to produce traditional, high-quality pies.

Read more here: http://www.feastmagazine.com/dine/kansas_city_dining/article_1b42ba5e-f06b-11e5-af26-b79c063b2286.html

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