Feast: 1889 Pizza Napoletana Now Open in Kansas City, Kansas


Fast casual can mean a lot of good things – customers can typically expect a customizable, fresh meal that is delivered quickly and doesn’t come with a big price tag. Often plastic trays and soda fountains are involved. There are also wrappers, plastic silverware and paper boats.

1889 Pizza Napoletana, which Kelli and Jason Kolich opened yesterday in Kansas City, Kansas, is not that experience. Upon walking in, customers will likely first notice the beautifully designed interior of the restaurant. Chandeliers hang from the artfully paneled ceiling, interspersed with curvy copper light fixtures that hang over several of the individual tables. A long, turquoise tufted bench runs through the center of the room. Modern white tables and chairs surround a long, wooden farmhouse-style family table. Potted basil lines the divider between the ordering line and the restaurant. It simply does not look like a fast-casual restaurant – it looks like it was manifested by Pinterest.

Read more here: http://www.feastmagazine.com/the-feed/kansas_city_news/article_c2ce09b8-38c3-11e6-a363-c3affdfb4dc4.html

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